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I've got so much plan to do in 2013. I have bought three airlines ticket with different destination for each of it. Fortunately, I got the two of those for free. Yeayy!!!
But actually i'm gonna go to four place in this year. Fiuh, and i think i need extra cash to make it happen.. Dear God, please hear my voice... T_T
So first of all, me and my high schoolmates are going to harapan island in kepulauan seribu. Well, we still did not decide yet where we wanna go, but it probably will goes to harapan island or peucang island in ujung kulon. Both of them are perfect for those who couldn't go far away from Jakarta. Since we've already plan this for a long time ago, I wish this first plan for 2013 will go perfectly.
Pulau Harapan
Pulau Peucang
Second one, the ticket is already in my hand since a week ago. My boss wanna take me to Bromo Mountain. I've been there before, about 9 years ago when I was in junior high. But who doesn't love bromo? The scenery was so spectacular.
Spectacular view Gunung Bromo
Third plan is around May. I got the ticket when i was so bored at office. Then I do some web surfing and go to batavia-air. Suddenly I saw this promo. I called L to let him know and I think go to Bangka Island is a good idea with that worthy price. L is so agree because Bangka is his hometown. He grew up there and his parent still live there. I bought the ticket only 352k for two way trip. Of course he bought me that ticket, so it's officially free for me. hehehe
Pantai Parai Tenggiri, Pulau Bangka
And the last travel plan is Lombok!!! Yeayyy... This ah-mazing plan is must to be real. Who doesn't know about the beauty of Gili Trawangan beaches? It's like heaven on earth and absolutely what i like the most from gili island is free from motor vehicle. No cars or even motorcycle. You can get the real fresh air in there. I think I'll love it!
Gili Trawangan
Pantai Mawun, Lombok Selatan
So, that's my travel plan in 2013. If you have experiences in places i've mention above, let me know. Just put it on comment box below. Honestly, I really need advices for those place because I am lack of information bout those places. Thank you for reading. :)

*P.S : All pictures above are taken from google

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