Review: Lemon House Padangbai Bali

review lemon house padang bai bali

We found this place from google. My friend, Titi has called the staff and they help us to provide a room that contain for 6 person (dormitory) and another room for 3 people. We stayed for couple of hours at Lemon House in Padangbai before we depart to Gili Trawangan in the morning. As we arrived there at 2 am in the morning, Bli Ketut pick us up in front of the main street. Then we have to carry our luggage to the homestay. The hardest part to reach this place is stairs. It's so high and steep. Can you imagine us bring our luggage to the peak in the middle of the night with a dog barking at us? 

lemon house padang bai bali
lemon house padang bai bali

As we reached the inside of homestay, Bli Ketut gave us a cold mineral water. Then He showed us our room. It's not so big, but it's clean. It's no air conditioner room, but they provide a fan. After I clean up my self, there's a man (bule) get out of his room and yell at me. He said that he's trying to sleep but he can't because of loud noises from us and I just keep staring at him without saying anything. hahahaa. I told it to my room mate later and they're just laughing.

At 5 am, we wake up at the same time because of alarm on our phone. We only sleep for 2-3 hours. At 7 am, we go to the terrace. The view from our terrace is so nice. We can see Padangbai harbour from there. I wonder why they only have 2 staff, because I think they need at least one extra person tol help them. The first one is Bli Ketut and the second one is a girl in kitchen. They both are really friendly and kind. We have to choose our breakfast menu. They provide egg sandwhich and pancake. We choose egg sandwhich and a cup of tea. The taste is delicious, but fortunately it's in small portion (maruk bok!). We enjoy our breakfast under the sunshine.

Over all, I love it here. It's cheap, clean, the staff is so friendly and kind, the breakfast menu is so delish even though it's not my ussual portion, has a beautiful view, and near from padangbai harbour, you can walk from this homestay if you like.

Happy travelling!