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  Welcome to Nidyholic!!

A Scorpio / A Dragon/ O/ INFP/ Globetrotter/ Vintage geek/ Beach Lover/ Indonesian/ A Dreamer/ City Explorer/ Beauty Gazer/ Sunset Chaser

I have no specific dream destinations, since my dream is to travel the world. But I have long list about the things I want to do before I'm getting old.

1. Make the pilgrimage to Mecca with my family and the one I love
2. Catching sunset at Oia, Santorini.
3. Cruising through Venice's canals
4. Watching Nothern Light in Iceland
5. Playing act like Hermione in United Kingdom
6. Strolling around Kyoto with kimono on
7. Step my feet on 5 big islands in Indonesia

Travelling and Photography are my passion. I love taking pictures and help people through my story. That's why I keep blogging until now. It's not hard to impress me, just be yourself and use deodorant, please. :p

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