Marina Srikandi Promo!!

Well, suddenly i found this website while web surfing during my boring time at my office. I ever visit this site a long time ago, and when i make itinerary to Gili Trawangan on my next vacation, i put it in as my first priority as direct transportation from Gili Trawangan to Bali because it was cheap and faster than ferry boat and airplane. So, two months ago when i want to book the ticket, i go to this website again and shocked after discovering that the price goes up too high. From 250 k idr to 450k idr. Fantastic, rite? But still, they are the cheapest fastboat among the other.
 Since it exceeded my budget expectations, so we decided to get on a plane to Bali. I bought Merpati Airlines ticket for 280k idr. Therefore I have to change my whole itinerary in Lombok. 
So last month, i did some web surfing again and 'accidentally' visit this website again and look what I found. They're having PROMO!!! The Ticket price is now ONLY 100k IDR!!! It makes me soooo.... erggghhhhh. I told it to my travelmates and they said we have to take it and cancel the ferry ride, because we need 5 hours to across Lombok strait plus 3 hours by road  to reach Gili Trawangan, while it only took 1.5 hours if we use fast boat.
Okay, I'll take it and i have to change my itinerary for a bit. I'm so excited right now and really can't wait to enjoy my good time in Gili Trawangan. =D