Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2014!!!
Another year has passed by, but another journey ahead! There's a lot of things happened in 2013, whether it's sweet or bitter. Ya... namanya juga hidup *pose pegang jidat sambil senyum sok cool*
Sambil ngapus sisa-sisa nyere hate di dada, gue update blog gue aja ya. Let's have take a look what have been done during 2013..
1. Kerjaan
Well, awal tahun ini lumayan sih udah sempet ngerasain naik gaji dan dapet bonus tahunan. Tapi... menurut mama loreng, 2013 bukan 'tahunnya' untuk industri capital market. So, i don't expect for more in 2014. But I guess I need some 'fresh air'. Maybe seek for new job? :p
2. Relationship
People come and go. Only few best people stay in my life. I made some new friends and also 'break-up' to the old ones for some reason. The best part is I always have my special boy beside me.
3. Family
Hm... I guess 2013 is the hardest year for my family. But we've been through it all together. Eventho, we can't avoid the drama sometimes. :D
4. Travelling.
This is the best from the best. I can't tell you how much i like the opportunities for this year. Meskipun kadang harus mengorbankan uang kuliah tapi gue happy udah bisa ke tempat yang gue mau. Dari sekian tempat di tahun 2013 yang gue datangi, paling suka sama Lombok. I love Lombok!!! I love Indonesia so badly!!! Yah meskipun baru kemaren diomelin bokap gara-gara ngabisin duit buat jalan-jalan mulu. T.T
I'm afraid that I can't make travel plan again this year since i only have 2 tickets for 2014 and a ticket for early 2015. Semuanya tiket promo sih bok! Gue ga mau beli-beli tiket lagi karena buat persiapan liburan winter which is it needs a lot of money. Hehehe. But I think it's worthed! :)
I'll make another resolution for 2014 in my next post. Thank you for reading and happy new year!!!